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Tom Flint's interests meet at the crossroads of film, education and cultural exchange.

As a film guy...


As an education guy...

Upon landing in Japan, Tom taught English to a wide range of students prior to becoming the first head film instructor at Gunma Kokusai Academy, an international high school north of Tokyo.  Working under the Cannes award-winning filmmaker and film educator Nobuhiro Suwa, he developed a philosophy for teaching which eventually led him back across the Pacific to pursue an MA in Art + Design Education at the Rhode Island School of Design with a focus on alternative pedagogical approaches to moving image education.  Tom continues to teach filmmaking to high school and middle school students in a variety of educational contexts in both the US and Japan.

As a culture guy...

Much of Tom's life has been spent exploring different cultures, whether through his own eyes or the lens of a camera.  The 14 years he has spent living overseas and traveling to over 50 countries has taught him what can be learned if one is exposed to an entirely different set of perspectives, customs and values from one's own.  This is when our own beliefs are challenged and we are compelled to look at the world a bit differently from the way we are used to. Tom's time spent in Japan, in particular, has fueled his philosophical and aesthetic interests in terms of arts-based learning, and many of these principles related to mindfulness, collective problem-solving and intuitive thinking are grounded in the unique approach taken by Zoom-Out.
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