Cinematic Creation Through Collaborative Exploration

What if we thought of filmmaking as less of a vocation and more of an opportunity to grow from exposure to each other's ideas?

What if the goal of any film project wasn't to make a "good" product, but to broaden one's view of the world through an open embrace of the collaborative process?

What if students weren't taught how to make films, but were encouraged to discover for themselves what making films is all about?

These are all questions which drive the pedagogical approach of Zoom-Out.​​​​​​​

So, what makes Zoom-Out different...

Cross-Cultural  Exchange

"Filmmaking is an act of collaborative discovery in which the imaginations of others is required to reach unforeseen meaning.  The treasure of cinema is that it allows us to engage in a sustained creative activity with a group of other people whose reservoirs of experience have the potential to shift our standing."​​​​​​​

Discovery-Based  Filmmaking​​​​​​​

"Not at all unlike the way a camera lens works, the wider open one's mind is, the more light can enter."
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